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Suzuki , Suzuki Samurai , Suzuki Sidekick


Suzuki Samurai

Suzuki Sidekick

In 1909, Michio Suzuki founded Works (1887-1982) and Suzuki Loom in a small village on the coast of the sea, Hamamatsu, Japan. As business flourished frame built to Suzuki, the Japanese textile giant silk industry. In 1929, Michio Suzuki invented a new type of textile machinery that was exported abroad. Suzuki filed more than 120 patents and utility model Suzuki Samurai it rights. The company first 30 years are concentrated on the development and production of these machines are very complex and found new type of Suzuki Sidekick.

Despite the success of his looms, Suzuki realized his company and was looking to diversify in other products. Decided based on consumer demand, build a small car project is the new practice. The project started in 1937, and within two years Suzuki had completed several compact form. The work of these first Suzuki car, then an innovative, liquid-cooled four-stroke four-cylinder. Developed an aluminum crankcase and gearbox and generated 13 hp (9.7 kW) with less than 800 cc like Suzuki Samurai.

With the beginning of the Second World War, and was planning to produce Suzuki cars when the government announced new civilian cars, "luxury Suzuki Sidekick". At the end of the war he returned to produce frames Suzuki. With a production increase, if it be the U.S. government has agreed to ship cotton to Japan. Suzuki fortunes brighten as orders started by the producers of the local spinning and weaving increased. But the joy was short lived as the cotton market collapsed in 1951 had Suzuki Samurai.

Suzuki has big ideas to respond to this challenge and returned to the car. After the war, the Japanese have a great need for reliable transportation at reasonable prices, and the staff. And can be connected to the number of companies, the "clip Suzuki Sidekick", the gas engine to a normal bike. Suzuki was the first two-wheeled motorcycle in the form of creativity is called the "Power of Suzuki Samurai". Published in 1952, free power to build simple and inexpensive and designed to entertain, which is 36 cm, a power of two-stroke engine.

Suzuki , Suzuki Samurai , Suzuki Sidekick

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